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Started from Hong Kong, we've created many unprecedented 1st time events and now, we are extending our business to Greater China at our client's satisfaction.


Barcelona, a future inspired by design,

Beijing Design Week (BJDW) -

Awarded the Best Parvilion of the Beijing Design Week

The general spirit of the exhibition project is presenting Barcelona as a unique place that is constantly reflecting and changing, a place that is home to an extensive, dynamic and creative design community. 

Barcelona at the Shengzhen & Hong Kong of

Urbanism Architecture

The assignment was to represent Barcelona at the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture. We concept the “Hello Hong Kong! Towards Barcelona 5.0” installation, integrated of 2 different elements: a large immersive audiovisual and an exposition made of 14 sculptural blocks. The idea was to present Barcelona through the concept of “many slow cities, inside a smart city”.

Barcelona in Hong Kong, a furure inspired by design

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

TThis represents a friendly gesture and a hello to Hong Kong as Barcelona will be the host city of the 

INNO Deign Tech Expo Hong Kong in the year 2015

Shanghai Fashion Week @Xintiandi

Shanghai Fashion Week is a business and cultural event hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Government. With more and more young designers and models, Shanghai Fashion Week is aiming to build up an international and professional platform, to attract top design talents from all over the world.

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Hair Shows - Greater China

Fashion forward. Fashion Focused

Essential Looks takes inspiration from international fashion runways and condenses it into distinct trends, all incredibly diverse, each set to ignite creative hairdressers’ imaginations.

Essential Looks celebrates hairdressers’ passion for hair, for fashion, for the future and encompasses it into a luxuriously glossy trend book, digital app, a breathtaking catwalk show and a stage event featuring live cuts and colors.

Red Bull X-Fighter Jam 2015 Hong Kong - Central

The First Time Ever in Hong Kong

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, by bringing FMX to brand new countries with a series of Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. These events already have cult status in the cities they have visited, with top riders from the region joining some of the finest shooting stars from the international scene to put on an insane show in front of tens of thousands of people. For the year 2015, this is another 1st time we succeeded in making it happen in Hong Kong.

Red Bull Flugtag 2014 Hong Kong - Central

The 2nd Time in Hong Kong

Red Bull Flugtag (German: flight day, airshow) is an event which competitors attempt to fly home-made, size- and weight-limited, human-powered flying machines (max 10m/30 ft, 150 kg/330 lbs). The flying machines are usually launched off a pier about 30 feet (9.1 m) high into the sea (or suitably sized reservoir of water). Most competitors enter for the entertainment value, and the flying machines rarely fly at all. 

In the year 2014, after fighter all the difficulties with weathers and all the difficulties, we finally made it happend in Central Harborfront. This is the historical 2nd time in the Hong Kong History.

Red Bull Soapbox Race 2012 Hong Kong - Shatin

The 1st Time Ever in Hong Kong

Red Bull Soapbox Race is a  gravity racer or soapbox that is actually a  motorless vehicle which is raced on a downhill road either against the clock or against another competitor. Although most are built for the purpose of recreation, some gravity racing teams take the sport more seriously and compete to win. They are propelled by gravity and can achieve speeds upwards of 112 km/h (70 miles per hour.

In the year 2012, we accomplished to create the 1st Time Ever Soapbox Race in Hong Kong.

Red Bull Illume 2013 Hong Kong - Tsim Sha Tsui

The 1st Time Ever in Hong Kong

Red Bull Illume is an international action and adventure sport photography contest that occurs every three years. Its purpose is to showcase the most exciting and creative action sports photography from around the world and bring the public into the world of action sports. From tens of thousands of entries, 50 finalists are selected by international judges in ten categories.

Red Bull Dragon Run 2011 Hong Kong - Central

The 1st Time Ever in Hong Kong

Red Bull Dragon Run - Formula One Showcar Run is one of the most spectacular event that presents the World Champion Formula 1 car to be running live on the street of the city that never happens any formula one race. Spectators can have close encounter of the sound, speed and smell of the formula one power.

In the year 2011, this becomes another historical first time ever in the history of Hong Kong.

Rotary - Chinese Government - the 1st Organ Donation

Activation Ceremony in Guangzhou

This is the remarkable ceremony with tremendous meanings as it marks the historical 1st time official volunteer organ donation registration program of the whole China.

Longines Hong Kong Masters

Activation Event at Hysan Place

The Year marks the first time for the Equestrian Championship Competition - The Longines Hong Kong Master ever take place in Hong Kong. This is a remarkable activation ceremony at Hyson Place.

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